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A balanced diet includes the food your body consumes. The food intake your body goes through could be separated into 7 terms, all together these terms are known as nutrients. It is important that your body takes a lot of different nutrients to help it improve and build a stronger body. These nutrients can benefit many different parts of your body such as your immune system. It can fight disease, illness or even viruses. Then again another 2 important terms that should be memorized are macro nutrients and micro nutrients. Macro nutrients are basically the nutrients that you for energy. Macro meaning large therefore macro nutrients need to be taken in large portions. These days, our energy consumption is large therefore we need macro nutrients to help us gain energy. On the other hand, micro nutrients are usually taken in small amounts and these are the vitamins and minerals to keep our body healthy and also to strengthen our immune system.

The 7 nutrients are:








As compared to our body, an athlete has a whole different diet as compared to an average human being. The energy consumed by an athlete will affect their daily diet, one simple example is a swimmer, due to the energy consumed each day, and the swimmer would eat more carbohydrates to gain energy. These athletes have to consume a large portion of carbohydrates like rice, bread and pasta to keep their energy levels high. IN conclusion, an athlete's diet may differ from our diet due to the activities they perform each day.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, a balanced diet is very important and there are a few ways to check if you are on the right track. One famous way to check is to count your heart rate, this task can be self-accomplished and also checked in a clinic. You can measure your heart rate in bpm which is beats per minute. There are two famous ways to do this task, you may place your finger on your wrist and count your heart rate or you could use your neck and collect your heart beat from there. Moving on, you can calculate your blood pressure using a small device. According to your age there is a certain reading you should have, if it is high that means you may be suffering from anger or stress, if you have low blood pressure could cause dizziness or nausea. These are the two easy ways of checking your fitness using DIY methods to complete this check-up.
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