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Obese John

John suffers from obesity, he has a bad diet, he weighs 202kg and is 175 cm tall. John is 25, he has been gaining weight when he started work 5 years ago. He would like to lose weight but after returning from work he is tired. He spends his weekend free and chooses not to exercise too much. He only visits the gym once with his friend, he stays with his parents, he wants to move out but he is worried about his job stability.

John has certain issues basically related to his diet and his workout. John lacks of nutrient in his body, and has problems with the portions of food he consumes. John takes a lot of candy and sugar drinks. He also lacks of exercise and should consider visiting the gym more often.

John can counteract these problems my following the table below

John's road to fitness
Food Fitness
Food: Vegetables Protein Minerals & Vitamins Water Minimize the junk food Eat more greens n nutrients
Exercise: Jogging Stretching Ball Games Running Stop being lazy Work towards a financial plan